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Make Scott L. Braziller, Esq. your #1 choice the next time you need per diem attorney services. Attorney Braziller has decades of legal experience and serves the profession for firms with cases in Nassau County. He will give your clients the personalized attention they deserve and work hard toward getting them a favorable outcome.

Attorney Braziller treats every case as if he is a member of your firm. His per diem services are unparalleled in quality and consistency. Call 516-270-4292 now to ask about Scott Braziller's rates.

Why hire a per diem attorney?

Why hire a per diem attorney?

Are you wondering if your law firm could benefit from using per diem attorney services? The answer is probably yes. Here's why:

  • It'll lighten the burden for your regular staff
  • It covers you in the event of a scheduling emergency
  • It's more cost-effective than hiring more staff at your firm
  • It allows you to prioritize more pressing cases

An independent attorney from Carle Place, NY is an asset to any law firm.