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Retain a per diem attorney for coverage in Nassau County

You have a lot of clients who deserve your attention, but sometimes it's impossible to be in two places at once. A per diem attorney can help you manage your workload so that you can schedule your court appearances appropriately. Law firms from all over come to Scott L. Braziller, Esq. when they need per diem services in Nassau County. Attorney Scott Braziller will treat your clients like they're his own.

Attorney Braziller is an experienced attorney, so you can rest assured your client's case is in good hands with him. Call 516-270-4292 now to get more information about his services.

He also offers arbitration and mediation services through the Jansen Group.

Per Diem Law

Trust an independent attorney to take care of your clients.

Traffic Tickets

Choose a traffic ticket law firm with a proven track record of defending clients.


Find out why attorney Braziller is a trusted per diem attorney in the community.


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Let a reputable per diem attorney represent your case

When you hire a per diem attorney, it's your reputation that's on the line. Retain an attorney you can trust. Law firms from all over choose attorney Braziller in Freeport, NY because:

  • He's backed by nearly four decades of courtroom experience
  • He takes a personal interest in every case
  • He is prompt, professional and thorough

Whether your clients need a personal injury or traffic ticket attorney, you'll have peace of mind knowing attorney Braziller can handle the case. He will deliver a thorough report of the court appearance after every case.